29 October, 2016


[:en]The IE Diversity Factory is an iniciative of the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management to meet the diversity challenges that companies face today.
This initiative is supported by Oak and Alcoa Foundations,International Companies such as IBM KPMG, Amadeus,Zürich Insurances and JMTI.

The Diversity Factory model proposes a cycle for managing differences with two<!read more> distinctive focuses: action; oriented to build capacities, and knowledge with a focus to understand real challenges and opportunities.

The Diversity Impact Project is an initiative of the IE Diversity Factory to foster the Diversity Action learning effort for IE MBA Students with the support of the partner companies.

The project takes a real diversity challenge of an existing company and, through a diversity team integrated by IE IMBA students, transforms this challenge into a real project that has an impact in the company and the community, and that the company can implement in the future.

The Diversity Impact Project serves as a substitute to the Final Exam, by allowing students to work with an organization (company, NGO or government) to create a positive impact within their business,the community, or society at large. The objective of the project is to provide an alternative that takes advantage of the business skills the students have obtained during their MBA for the purpose of creating a genuine impact.[:]