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We live in complex times, when complex solutions are needed and where one-size fits all solutions no longer apply. Diversity is a journey and like any journey, requires careful navigation. The mission of the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management to help organizations navigate these complex times by harnessing the power of diversity to help them become resilient, efficient and to innovate. The IE Center for Diversity in Global Management was created in September 2002, and has since become an invaluable resource for the IE community. The Center’s objectives are essentially achieved via training, applied research and awareness-raising activities, as well as through networking events designed to foster international debate. Supported by the IE Foundation, the center draws on the technological and entrepreneurial spirit of IE, benefitting from its emphasis on the Humanities.

Demographic Diversity

The characteristics given to us at birth and that connect us with our identities of origin

Experiential Diversity

The different life experiencies that shape our emotional universe and that shape our likes and dislikes with others over time in our identities of growth

Cognitive Diversity

The differences in thougth that make us look for others minds to complement our thinking: what we migth all identities of aspiration.





Measure diversity and innovation in your company in up to 17 sections and compare it with the sector and companies of the same size

The third edition of the 2022 Innodiversity Index is now available!

Fundación Diversidad and Fundación IE launch a new version of the free and anonymous self-assessment that allows companies to know their level of diversity and innovation.

A renewed version to measure, compare and advance diversity and innovation within organizations.








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Three Drivers to Harness the Power of Diversity